“Inability is not disability”

Visual challenge is a not a new concept today whereby thousands of people can’t carry out their normal functions because of being visually challenged.

Some are born just like that while it happens to others as they grow up due to different reasons. However, despite a person being visually challenged doesn’t mean that one can’t carry on with normal human activities or participate in those activities or actions which bring to one a sense of humanity and personality. Such may include the realizing of a person’s dreams and ambitions.

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This should be interesting.

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This site previously was used by the blind to help them use computers.

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So what is happening here?

vinux virtual-vinuxAs much as people love computers, so is how those who are visually challenged still yearn to use this amazing device in their day-to-day operations. The computer being a most remarkable gadget offers to all the opportunity to be able to run different operations in a relatively short time and with a commanding precision that the entire human races yearn for. The visual challenged shouldn’t be left out either.

True to these words, a visually challenged computer enthusiast created this computer program called Virtual Vinux to ease the efforts and strain that the visually challenged face when using PCs.

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This is a little concerning. I heard there was supposed to be some beautifully subtle color changes on the background of this site, but I don’t see them. Am I color blind, or maybe it isn’t working.

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I don’t see it either.

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You could be color blind.

There is some information about the producer of this technological application that I found on the internet and you need to have a look at it.

Hector Hector
A quote from Mobeen, the original creator of vinux virtual.


How was the Virtual edition born and who is its creator?

Well, I guess the best way to answer those questions is in reverse order.  Firstly, who am I? 

My name is Mobeen.  I’ve been blind almost from birth. I am a technician dealing in hardware, electronics, networking, communications and software testing as well as training VI people how to use computers – I’ve been doing this for over 6 years now! My involvement with Vinux stemmed from when I was working with Tony Sales in the Research and Development Department every Wednesday while I attended the college in which he now teaches. He had been talking about building a version of Linux and I told him I’d be interested in testing it. I’d been using Ubuntu with Wubi up until then, but then Tony made Vinux – a breath of fresh air. It worked, it was simple, and it was worth getting to know. I’ve always been a point and clicker so I like things that just well, work. The only thing that didn’t work was Wubi, so that’s why I made the Virtual edition. The first Virtual Edition was 1.3 and we’ve never looked back. It gives people a chance to try Vinux to the full, then hopefully switch from Microsoft completely…

There wasn’t much that I could get from the wayback machine concerning this new technology but you will agree with me that the content that I published is a gold nugget to the visually challenged. Access it by clicking on various topics or categories below. I will be updating this website with better content about this Virtual Vinux application, so don’t fail to visit the site again for more information about it.